Them That Dare started out as the brain child of singer/songwriter/vocalist Shaun Ware
(formerly of B!) who had been hard at work for many years, working on writing soulful and
passionate blues rock riffs for what would become the staple to his own unique sound.

After coming up with enough material, he decided on releasing it to the masses and enlisted a
friend to help record and play drums on what he describes as “a really weird record”. While
happy with what he had accomplished, he also knew that it could be done better so the record
sat on the shelf for some time, until finally deciding to set out to find other band members to
fulfill his musical vision.

He added the talented Russ Staiger (Julie Puppets) to play bass, which would be the first time
Russ had ever played bass in a live band setting but proceeded to prove that being a 6'2" rock
badass was just one of the many gifts from Zeus that he was born with.

The band was started in the winter of 2011 and recorded their first EP
( shortly thereafter. 

After a few years of slogging it out in the trenches, the group disbanded.

Many months went by… until Shaun, once again, ended up reuniting with Russ which lead to a
“yes i am horrifically bored, how are you?” conversation. Not long after, they started writing
“things” for "whatever happens” while knowing what their re-ignited kinship was leading itself

They then enlisted Aaron Esnough (BOLO) on drums to add extra punch and attack to their
already distinguished sound and soon after doing so, they quickly discovered the full potential
of how this core of musicians would be a legitimate force to be reckoned with.

TTD was fully realized and re-born in the fall of 2015. 

With a sound that’s been described as “delta blues with a twist of doom groove” and QOSTA meets Muddy Waters,
they’re currently working on new material for an EP to be released soon, while also performing on stages all throughout
the Twin Cities area and around the Midwest. 

Them That Dare are:
Aaron Esnough - Drums
Shaun Ware - Guitar, Vocals, Sounds
Russ Staiger - Bass, Vocals